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The first attraction in the world where you are the driver!

  • Jeeps equipped with anti-collision sensors
  • Cars are driven by guests
  • Winding and unpaved route
  • Scenery and dinosaurs reproduced in life-size
  • Minimum height: 120cm (access allowed even below the minimum height indicated, with companion)

Download the map here

Wheelchair transfer required
Altezza minima
120 cm
Accompanied children up to 140 cm
Access allowed below the minimum height indicated with a companion
Always remain seated
Wheelchair access with transfer

An adventurous journey on board specially made jeeps will transport you into a forest populated by realistic animated reproductions of the most famous dinosaurs, which will come to life before your eyes.
The jeeps have the unique characteristic of being able to be driven independently thanks to a radar positioning system that guarantees fun and maximum safety.

To be able to drive you do not need a license but a height above 140 cm.