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  • Radio Viva FM

    Play 2be happy!

    Smart and dynamic, it accompanies listeners throughout the day through the entertainment of the speakers, music, the main local and world news, updates on traffic and weather and, last but not least, shopping tips!

    You can listen to VivaFm in Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna.

  • Pepsi

    Create multiple smiles with each sip and each bite

    Just like its lively and amusing character, the story of Pepsi is also an original story, which has crossed epochs and countries, traveling around the world and winning the sympathy and favor of millions of people, fascinated by the flavor, but also especially from the image of this revolutionary drink. It all began way back in 1898 in a small town in North Carolina, in the United States, where a pharmacist, Caleb Bradham, was looking for a cola-based drink that was healthy, thirst-quenching and digestive. What was born is what is still known all over the world under the name of Pepsi Cola

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    Safer and more secure: Transfer money and shop online in peace. To help protect you from online fraud, we use advanced encryption methods. In addition, PayPal can cover your eligible purchases if they are not delivered or do not match the seller's description. ** Conditions apply
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    With the prepaid PayPal you can shop easily online and in all stores that accept MasterCard, both in Italy and abroad.
    Practically free and always transparent. Opening a PayPal virtual account is free, as is free to make purchases, unless a currency conversion is required. Sending money in euros to family and friends is also free if you use your PayPal balance or linked bank account. Fees may apply for other transactions.

  • Scalapay

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    Scalapay is a payment method that gives you space for the things you love and gives you time to pay for them.

    With Scalapay you have immediate availability of the product or service and pay for it bit by bit, in 3 equal instalments.

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  • Acqua S.Bernardo

    The perfect combination of quality, tradition and elegance.

    S.Bernardo represents the perfect combination of quality, tradition and elegance. Its source originates in the Maritime Alps, at an altitude of 1,300 m, in a healthy and uncontaminated environment.

    Known since 1926 for its lightness and excellent organoleptic characteristics, since the 1990s it has also been an expression of Italian design, thanks to its unmistakable "Gocce" bottle, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. Still an icon of style today.

    Acqua S.Bernardo firmly believes that a new way of thinking, consuming and living is needed to live with respect for our Earth. S.Bernardo believes that the resources available to us should be conserved and used with care. This is why it has long embraced the helical economy, a true evolution of the circular economy.
    Everything can come back, thus assuming more and more value as nature reminds us well with the golden section found in so many creatures. And it is precisely by following nature that S.Bernardo anticipates and represents this new step towards an evolved lifestyle and consumption. In fact, Acqua S.Bernardo has been powering its factories with clean energy from its own wind farm for 10 years.

  • Bud - AB InBev

    With over 600 years of brewing tradition!

    The largest brewery in the world with over 500 brands of beer from the most famous names in the world to craft beers produced locally. Its headquarters are in Leuven, Belgium, where its roots date back to 1366.

    AB InBev’s story is a global story spanning continents and generations!