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FAQ and Useful tips

On this website you will find lots of information about Movieland Park, Caneva Aquapark, Medieval Times restaurant & show, Rock Star restaurant. Despite this, it is possible that some of your questions will not be answered. We are happy to answer all your questions personally.

Canevaworld Resort

Discover all the information about safety at this link

Services and general information

Access to attractions

Guests using the attractions must be in good health (not suffering from hypertension, heart problems, spinal column, motion sickness, not having prostheses or disabilities).

Some attractions may not be recommended/banned for pregnant women.

In Caneva it is not possible to enter the attractions with flip-flops, cameras, glasses (both sunglasses and eyeglasses), masks and mobile phones. It is possible to enter with closed-toe shoes.

Dog access

Your dog can enter in Movieland Park, you have just to register it at the entrance. It can't go on the attractions or go inside the theater, it must always be kept with the leash and if it's medium / large size, it must have the muzzle.
Due to hygienic reasons, we do not allow dogs in Caneva Aquapark.

Your dog can enter in Rock Star Restaurant and Safari Pizza, it must always be kept with the leash and it has to stay under your table.

In Medieval Times, dogs are not allowed.


Lockers are available in both parks at a cost of € 5.00 each for the whole day.

To rent them at Movieland Park you must go to the infopoint, where they will ask you for an identity document as a deposit and give you the key. Once you have returned the key, they will give you back your ID.

At Caneva Aquapark they are automatic, so all you have of course to do is insert the money into the boxes and enter a 6-digit code (of your choice) which you will then use to open the locker as many times as you wish during the day.

Possibility of going out and returning to the park during the day
  • At Movieland Park you can and we are happy to share the park with your four-legged friend. You have to pass by the Info Point and make an easy and fast registration. The dog size above the knee must have the muzzle.

The animals cannot go to the attractions or enter to the shows.

  • At Caneva the Aquapark is not allowed to bring with you your four-legged friend.
Camper parking

In our car park you can park your camper van from 09:00 to 24:00, at a cost of € 6.00 per day, it is not possible to stay overnight.

Are there shuttle buses to the parks?

Our parks offer a free shuttle service between Peschiera del Garda station and the main campsites on the lake.

What do I do if I lose something in the parks?

If you lose something, please contact the Parks InfoPoint immediately and fill in the Lost&Found form. You will be contacted immediately if something is found.

Who do I turn to if I need medical assistance?

The infirmary service is available and ready to help in case of emergency.

Our services
  • Convenient parking with pedestrian route
  • Parks Gate for safe and convenient passage from one park to another
  • Lockers
  • Changing tables
  • Pic Nic areas
  • Infirmary
  • Infopoint for all your needs

Useful tips

What to do in case of rain

At Movieland, in the event of rain, you can enjoy the excitement of our indoor attractions and shows in the magnificent Theatre! And if you don't want to get wet... buy a Movieland Park poncho and the fun continues!

If, on the other hand, you're in Caneva, you can easily drop by Movieland: more information on conditions and prices at the Parks Gate.

Pamper yourself with the specialities of our restaurants and the wonderful gadgets and products in the shops!

Organise your day

A few tips to help you organise your day

  • Check the opening hours of the facilities
  • Before entering the attractions, consult the rules on the dedicated signs
  • At Movieland Park, we recommend comfortable clothing suitable for attractions with splashing water.
  • We recommend the use of sun cream on sunny days.

  • At Caneva Aquapark swimming caps are not compulsory
Your memories forever

If you want your memories to last forever, take our gadgets and merchandising home with you.
Discover all the gadgets and products in the shops inside our Parks: go shopping at Canevaworld Resort and take home a piece of your memories! You will also find lots of gift ideas to surprise and make your loved ones happy. Discover more!

Special guests

Disabled parking

People with disabilities will also have to pay the entrance fee to the car park, but if they show their disability badge before entering, they will be given a voucher with which they can receive a refund.

In order to get a parking refund, you must hand in the coupon, including the receipt, at the ticket office or the park's infopoint, on the same day, before closing time.

People with disabilities in the Parks

At our parks, self-sufficient visitors with disabilities are entitled to a reduced rate.

Visitors with disabilities who are not self-sufficient, i.e. those who are unable to use our attractions on their own and need the assistance of a companion, are entitled to the reduced rate and in this case the companion is granted free admission.

In order to benefit from these discounts, you must present one of the following documents at the ticket office when purchasing tickets: disability certificate or medical certificate issued less than 3 months previously.
This type of ticket can only be purchased at the park ticket offices.

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Wheelchair accessibility in the Parks

Both of our parks and all their attractions are wheelchair accessible.

At Movieland Park some attractions are wheelchair accessible, while others require a transfer. All shows are accessible.

At Caneva Aquapark the attractions are not wheelchair accessible, and access to the pools requires a transfer.

Both parks have toilets reserved for people with disabilities.

There are no queue-jumpers of any kind in our parks, so if a guest with a disability has difficulty waiting for attractions, please report this to the on-site staff, who will endeavour to shorten the wait where possible.

People with disabilities at Rock Star and Medieval Times

At Medieval Times visitors with disabilities pay the dedicated rate of €24.00, while any accompanying persons pay the normal admission prices. This type of ticket can only be purchased at the park's ticket office by showing a certificate of disability.

At Rock Star Restaurant visitors with disabilities pay the dedicated rate of € 18,00, while any accompanying person pays the normal admission price. This type of ticket can only be purchased at the park ticket office, on presentation of a disability certificate.

Wheelchair accessibility at Rock Star and Medieval Times

Rock Star is wheelchair accessible, and at the entrance you will be directed to the dedicated access point.

At Medieval Times we have a limited number of wheelchair spaces, so please check availability before purchasing your tickets. In any case, once you arrive at the restaurant you will need to go through the cashier's desk and inform the managers, who will show you the dedicated entrance at the end of the pre-show.

Safari Pizza is wheelchair-accessible, and our staff will be happy to help if needed.


Online ticket purchase

The purchase of tickets, on our official website, for the parks must be done by midnight on the day before entry, while for the restaurants it can also be done on the day of the dinner.

Print tickets

Tickets for 1-day admission to the parks can also be shown electronically, without having to print them out.

Tickets for 2 or more days in the parks must necessarily be printed out and presented at the photo point on entry, where a photo will be taken of each participant. The photo will be placed on the ticket and is essential for entry on subsequent days.

Restaurant entrance tickets can also be shown in electronic format, without necessarily having to print them out.

Unnamed Tickets

Tickets bear the name of the person making the purchase, but the user may be someone other than the purchaser.

Shipping tickets purchased online

Tickets purchased online on our official website are sent by email.

Non-changeable/refundable tickets

Once the purchase has been made, regular siae tickets are issued, which are non-changeable and non-refundable.

Seat allocation at Medieval Times

At Medieval Times it is not possible to choose where to sit, the number of seats is assigned directly at the restaurant's cash desk, automatically.


Foods for vegetarians in the Parks

In our parks vegetarian guests can find:

  • Green salads (the stuffed ones contain tuna and therefore not pizza margherita)
  • Pasta with tomato, pesto or olive oil
  • Fruit
  • Corn on the cob
Food for vegetarians in Rock Star and Medieval Times

At Rock Star, vegetarian guests can find boiled, fried and baked vegetables, pizza and pasta dishes.

At Medieval Times it is possible to request the vegetarian menu, which includes: a piece of focaccia, vegetable soup, vegetarian burger, dessert, ice cream and coffee. The vegetarian menu must be requested before entering the arena, when seat numbers and crowns are handed out.

Food for celiacs in the parks

In our parks, guests with coeliac disease can find the following foods:

  • Hamburgers on a plate
  • Green or stuffed salads
  • Chips
  • Fruit
  • Packaged ice creams
  • Packaged, ready-made dishes: lasagna, cannelloni with ricotta and spinach, tortelli with cream and ham

We cannot guarantee the cooking and preparation of food with dedicated equipment. We do not have any points recognised by the Italian Coeliac Association.

Food for celiacs at Rock Star and Medieval Times

Nel buffet di Rock Star è possibile trovare cibi che non contengono glutine, tra cui: insalate miste, hamburger al piatto, gelati, ma non possiamo escludere completamente la contaminazione. C’è altrimenti la possibilità di avere un piatto già pronto, a scelta tra: lasagna o cannelloni ricotta e spinaci. In ogni caso consigliamo sempre di avvertire il responsabile del ristorante, che vi indicherà quali sono i piatti adatti.

A Medieval Times è possibile richiedere il menù senza glutine, che comprende: cannelloni ricotta e spinaci o lasagna, crocchette di pollo e gelato alla crema. Il menù senza glutine va richiesto prima di accedere nell’arena, quando vengono consegnati i numeri dei posti a sedere e le corone.

People with food allergies

In the case of severe allergies we advise against eating food in the parks and/or restaurants, as we cannot guarantee the cooking and preparation of food with dedicated equipment, so we cannot guarantee non-contamination.

Medieval Times Restaurant & Show

How can I book a Dinner Show?

The book is recommended. You can book the dinner follow these suggestions:
- call the number +390456969900 every day from the 9.00 to 18.00.
- send an email some days before your visit

- buy and print your ticket online with our safe and easy online-shop 

The dinner show is suitable for kids?

At the Dinner Show, old and young enjoy support there Knights! If you have an infant with you remember that the show is loud.

Can I order a vegetarian Menù or for Celiac?

In Medieval Times are available the Menù for Vegetarian, Gluten Intolerant, and Celiac clients. Remember to contact our service to book it. Call us at +39 045 69 69 900.

Is it possible entry with a stroller?

You can leave your stroller in a dedicated area at the entrance. You can bring only a child seat for your baby.

Do you have any child seats?

Inside Medieval Times there are not child seats.

Rock Star Restaurant

How can I book at Rock Star Restaurant ?

You can book the dinner follow these suggestions:
- call the number +390456969900 every day from the 9.00 to 18.00.
- send an email some days before your visit

- buy and print your ticket online with our safe and easy online-shop 

Safari Pizza

Can I reserve a table at Safari Pizza?

Reservation is not mandatory. You can book your table at Safari Pizza in several ways:

call 045 69 69 900 every day from 09.00 to 18.00
send an email a few days before the visit
buy and print your ticket online through our sales portal safely and conveniently by clicking here