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The Banquet with Medieval Tournament

awaits you from May 1st


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Welcome to Medieval Times

In a 400-seat arena You will be divided into 4 teams to cheer on your Knight and win the hand of the Princess

Discover the World of Medieval Times

The Medieval Dinner in the Court of King Astolfo

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    The Medieval Dinner for the whole Family!
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  • Ruritania, year 1092.
    In a kingdom whose luck was in, the only thing bothering King Astolph was the happiness of princess Esmeralda, his only daughter and sole heiress to the throne.

    Astolph confered then with the great wizard Merlin. He suggested to the king that he should announce a turnament among the four proudest knights of the kingdom: princes Edward of Vallachia, Aribert of Pomeronia, Geoffrey of Rennin and William of Manrovia. King Astolph accepted the wizards advise and decided to send his messengers to inform the contestants.

    King Astolph is arriving and you, with other lucky guests, will take part in the sumptuous feast of this singular tournament!

  • Menu

    The King invites You to take place at the rich banquet cooked for You all, guests of the Kingdom.
  • Menù Medieval Times Restaurant
  • The King's Menu:


    • Appetizer of the King
    • Ruritania soup
    • Chicken and Pomeranian Potatoes
    • Sweet of the Castle
    • Coffee

    All You Can Drinks (water, wine, beer, pepsi cola)


    Vegetarian or celiac menu by reservation.

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