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Rock'n'Roll Restaurant
Become a Rockstar with our Jukebox!


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Welcome to Rock Star Restaurant

The First Hamburger Restaurant AllYouCanEat & Drink on the Garda Lake

Discover the World of Rock Star Restaurant

Create Your own Menu with Fresh Ingredients and all the Taste of Rock. Iced Drinks without limits and... Take a look to Desserts!

  • Menu

    The Rock Star Restaurant was born in the 1998, it is the first Burger Restaurant that has sold the American Hamburger on Garda Lake.
  • Menù Rock Star Restaurant
  • The fresh and searched products are daily prepared but the peculiarity is the famous Hamburger formula  improved in the years with the Italian best fine quality meat.

    The All You Can Eat & Drink menu give you the possibility to taste different kind of plates from the BBQ Ribs or a Club Sandwich to vegetarian and vegan dishes like salads and Hamburger Veggie.
    Desserts? The best ending.
    Everything with Pepsi, Bear o Wine No Limits.
    Finally, do you wish to build your Menu? With us you can!

    Enjoy our cordiality and advices.

    Come to the Rock Star Restaurant!

  • Create Your own Menu

    Create Your favorite Hamburger and much more!
  • Menù Personalizzato
  • Set free your imagination with Unique, Original and Fresh ingredient in absolutely American Style.

    Discover the favorite recipes from our clients and try it at the RockStar!

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