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Diabolik Invertigo

Forward is human ... backward is Diabolical!

  • The only attraction in the world dedicated to Diabolik
  • Inverted roller coaster with 2 directions: forward and backward
  • Nr 3x2 inversions
  • Minimum height: 140cm

Download the map here

Wheelchair transfer required
Altezza minima
140 cm
Wheelchair access with transfer
Not available during and after U.S. Army Stunt Show

The first big rollercoster Invertigo in Italy, a tribute to the legendary masked thief created by the sisters Angela and Luisa Giussani.
The peculiarity is to double the emotions and adrenaline by making two steps, the first forward and the second backward.

"At Movieland we have built the first great Rollercoaster Invertigo in Italy, and we want to dedicate it to those who, with just as much commitment, created the legendary masked thief. Our tribute goes to the sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani who, back in 1962, gave life to Diabolik, an all-Italian comic book, like our Park. From today, Diabolik Invertigo will leave an indelible mark in the memories of those who will experience the great emotion of darting forward and then backward". Fabio Amicabile, CEO Movieland