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Halloween 2023


Movieland Park is home to a fantastic Halloween... for everyone!



With the arrival of autumn a multitude of pumpkins, monsters, witches, ghosts, skeletons, hay sheaves will be back to Movieland ...
Are you ready to relive the most ghostly atmosphere of the film world?



14th - 15th October


The 80s come to Movieland Park with the Stranger Days and the association Upside Down that will bring its evocative scenography set in the sub-top together with its Cosplayers to celebrate the most fashionable TV series of the moment!




21st - 22nd October


All ghostbusters fans can meet their favorite characters in the streets of Movieland and take great photos
"Who you gonna call?"



KRAMPUS - Alfagor Merano

28th October


Krampus demons arrive, terrifying figures dressed in goat skins and wooden masks to animate the streets of Movieland Park for a Sunday... that will be scary!




ASYLUM - KATHARINA'S REVENGE - Forbidden to children under 18


Back to Movieland the Extreme Experience Asylum - Katharina’s Revenge: a horror path with actors, reserved only for guests over the age of 18, that will stage situations and interactions with the audience.


Extra Experience - "The Family Tour" - Suitable for the whole family!*
All curious guests can access Asylum to discover the history of Katharina and immerse themselves in the evocative environments of the orphanage

*predefined slot times


HORROR HOUSE presents: HOLMES HOTEL - Forbidden to children under 14


Who will dare to enter the Holmes Hotel on the scariest day of the year? The historic Horror House that has challenged generations of daring visitors to Movieland invites you to walk through the doors of the cursed hotel and its dark corridors.

Extra Experience - "The Family Tour" - Suitable for the whole family!*
An immersive experience in the company of our guide you will hear the story of the infamous multiple murderer HH Holmes

*predefined slot times





A love story between life and death, with an unexpected ending! A much acclaimed Show, with its mix of themes that embrace noir, romance and thrillers, the sumptuous costumes, the renewed choreography and the unprecedented choice of music!
Live on Stage from 7th October



Labyrith with Granny 

The maze full of pitfalls and with a Grumpy Granny who will try to hinder you! Who will get out first?




Monster Chef

The monstrously fun challenge dedicated to children! What will the Monster Chef prepare to test the little guests of Movieland? Who’s gonna have the guts to taste his filthy treats?



TruccaBimbi...da paura! Special Kids Make Up

Movieland’s make-up artists will transform the little ones into monstrous or magical scary figures: a witch, a skeleton or a pumpkin... just choose the right spell!



Dolcetto o Scherzetto? Trick or Treat?

There is no Halloween without "Trick or Treat": all children will have to search, collect and enjoy the most delicious treats of Movieland, through the most traditional and iconic Halloween experience. 


A frightfully delicious burger for a monstrously fun Halloween: Devil Pork Burger, available at the Entrance Truck!



Devil Dog is evil... Directly from hell! Available at the Truck at the U-571 exit!


Special Witch Froyo Frozen Yogurt with whipped cream and pistachio grains, sweet Haunted Apples and delicious Mulled Wine...
Discover them at the Witch’s Booth!





Spooky Cup with black ice cream, strawberry topping and monster candy and the terrifying Monster Waffle with strawberry jam and gummy candy!
Available at Movy&Movyola Ice Cream




Monstrous Halloween Special Spirits, available at Baba Café!







Don’t miss our Black Burger at Rock Star Restaurant, available only during the Halloween Season!




Special Halloween Pizza with mozzarella, gorgonzola, sausage and pumpkin, available only during the Halloween Season!