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Events 20 Special

Discover all the events dedicated to the 20th birthday of Movieland!

  • Grand Opening: 1st April

    Great opening! We are ready to welcome you!

    You never forget your first day!

    Movieland officially opens the doors of its iconic portal with a special event to be experienced firsthand: from the live presentation of the new song "Wanna Be A Star" to the arrival of the new mascot Movyola, until the opening of the restaurant "Famous Daytona Racestaurant" and so much more!

  • Movieland Cosplay Celebration: 17th - 18th June

    "Cosplay By Think Comics" Gathering dedicated entirely to Cosplayers and their incredible costumes inspired by famous people from the world of cinema, comics and animation.

    In the two days you can participate in games and animations to discover how much you are "Nerd", attend incredible Cosplay performances and, unmissable, the parade along the park with all your paladins and with which you can take a wonderful souvenir photo!

  • Happy Birthday Movieland

    Let’s celebrate Movieland’s 20th birthday together!

    On July 1, Movieland will blow out the candles for its fantastic twenty years!

    Discover the programm:

    17:00 Premiere video “Wanna Be a Star” con Chiara Grispo
    17:15 Special Happy Birthday Speech - U.S. Army Stunt Show
    18:30 Celebration Star Walk
    18:45 “Cheers and Cake” con Movy&Movyola e Live Dj Set
    20:00 Movy Re – Ciak – Il Gladiatore Tribute
    20:30 Greta Ray Live on Stage
    21:00 Lights and DJ Set
    21:15 Movieland Fairy Tales
    22:45 Birthday Celebration con Chiara Grispo e Staff Artistico di Movieland