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Asylum - Katharina's Revenge

1652: 11-year-old Katharina Schmidlin is accused of witchcraft and burned alive

2022: at Movieland Katharina is ready for her revenge

  • Halloween 2022
Accesso con sedia a rotelle

Katharina shouted to the crowd before she died that she would return to take revenge by no longer allowing children to live in a world of love.
In memory of Katharina an orphanage was built around 1950, on the ashes of the tragic place where the little girl burnt down. A safe home for all children that society had abandoned.
Katharina's damned soul found a home again. Her evil presence imposed itself on the staff of the orphanage, using it to free the children from the sufferings of earthly life.
The same two-storey orphanage that you will find in Movieland during the month of October...Are you ready to face Katharina's revenge?

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