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Our partners

The partners that work with CanevaWorld Resort

  • Radio Viva FM

    For more than 20 years, la radio in movimento!

    Smart and dynamic, it accompanies listeners throughout the day through the entertainment of the speakers, music, the main local and world news, updates on traffic and weather and, last but not least, shopping tips!

    You can listen to VivaFm in Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna.

  • San Benedetto

    Always create wellness

    San Benedetto means well-being from the beginning of its history.
    It was 1956 when the first production plant was born in Scorzè (Venice), where the waters of the San Benedetto and Guizza sources began to bottle.

    Today the San Benedetto Group, active in over 100 countries, is the first company in the reference market with entirely Italian capital and the first player in the non-alcoholic beverage sector.
    From that ancient source he inherited a value: to create well-being for the whole community.

  • Pepsi

    Create multiple smiles with each sip and each bite

    Just like its lively and amusing character, the story of Pepsi is also an original story, which has crossed epochs and countries, traveling around the world and winning the sympathy and favor of millions of people, fascinated by the flavor, but also especially from the image of this revolutionary drink. It all began way back in 1898 in a small town in North Carolina, in the United States, where a pharmacist, Caleb Bradham, was looking for a cola-based drink that was healthy, thirst-quenching and digestive. What was born is what is still known all over the world under the name of Pepsi Cola

  • PayPal

    The simple and safe solution to pay and get paid

    Safer and more secure: Transfer money and shop online in peace. To help protect you from online fraud, we use advanced encryption methods. In addition, PayPal can cover your eligible purchases if they are not delivered or do not match the seller's description. ** Conditions apply
    Simple and practical: with PayPal, you will not have to enter your credit card details with every purchase. You can also activate One Touch ™ to stay connected to your account and pay without even typing the password.
    With the prepaid PayPal you can shop easily online and in all stores that accept MasterCard, both in Italy and abroad.
    Practically free and always transparent. Opening a PayPal virtual account is free, as is free to make purchases, unless a currency conversion is required. Sending money in euros to family and friends is also free if you use your PayPal balance or linked bank account. Fees may apply for other transactions.

  • Les Tulipes

    We believe in the value of artisan products

    Our success lies in knowing how to reproduce artisan processes and formulas in Italy in an efficient and innovative environment for 30 years. We are passionate about presenting new ideas, new products that adapt to our vision of Europastry, a company where innovation and tradition go hand in hand.
    Europastry never stops growing. Our goal is to provide the world with the best possible food, without forgetting our origins and total respect for the traditional products of our ancestors in the products we make today.

  • Forst

    History of a company of noble traditions

    FORST beer was founded in 1857 by two entrepreneurs from Merano who sensed with happy inspiration that the one in which the plant is still located was the perfect area: superb spring water, large spaces at the bottom of the valley, pure air in unspoiled nature, with the majestic mountains to frame.

    Over the years, FORST Beer has grown to become one of the largest breweries in Italy. The perfect harmony between an absolute respect for nature in its manifestations and a state-of-the-art technique, makes FORST Beer the custodian of an unrivaled beer art. Even today FORST Beer is owned by the Fuchs family which, as always over the years, lives up to its existential philosophy, excellent quality of its products in absolute respect for nature. But FORST isn't just about brewing. In fact, there are many interventions in support of various associations and clubs to safeguard local traditions.

  • DOTS Original

    We innovate to offer you the latest trends in terms of formats and flavors

    Innovation: every year we launch new varieties from our Dots range that follow the latest global trends.
    Varieties: we offer more than 190 varieties, the widest range on the market (mini, large, ball-shaped, filled, with condiments and much more).

    2.5 million per day: our two production plants use the latest technologies to produce over 2.5 million units per day.
    International: we operate in over 50 countries around the world. Our international profile and our production capacity allow us to supply our products as soon as customers need them.