As per the provisions of the Italian Government, starting from 6 August, for all Guests over 12 years, Green Pass is required in order to access to Movieland Park, Caneva Aquapark and Rock Star Restaurant.
There will be the possibility, starting from 6 August, to carry out the test at our Parks (at our car parks), for those who do not have it. This service is operated by an external provider.

Green Pass or a negative Covid Test is not required in order to access to Safari Pizza and Medieval Times.
As the situation is constantly evolving, this page will be constantly updated.


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Bonus Vacanze

Enter the dates of your stay for the quote to be used with the 'Bonus Vacanze' at CanevaWorld Resort.

The minimum length of stay is 2 nights with 1 room at a time. We accept only one unique code online per booking.

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  • Caneva and Movieland
    Enjoy our Parks for 1 or more days.
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  • Themed Restaurants
    Book in our Restaurants for an unforgettable Dinner!
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  • Annual Pass
    Get Your Season Pass for CanevaWorld Resort

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Holiday 'Bonus Vacanze'

We accept the 'Bonus Vacanza' for the Park + Hotel packages

How is work the 'Bonus Vacanze' at CanevaWorld Resort?

If you already have the UNIQUE CODE issued by the IO APP or the IO.ITALIA.IT website, you can contact CanevaWorld Viaggi.

A quote ONLY can be confirmed. So after entering the data and confirming the code any subsequent estimate will not be valid.

We remind you that the price of the special 'Holiday Bonus' packages include:


  • Hotel stay
  • Fabulous breakfast in most hotel facilities
  • Medical baggage insurance
  • Assistance from our specialized staff
  • 2/3-day admissions to Movieland Park and/or Caneva Aquapark
  • 1 Dinner at Medieval Times Restaurant & Show
  • 1 Dinner at RockStar Restaurant
  • 1 Dinner at Safari Pizza

Please note: in July and August, one of the above mentioned dinners will be substituted with a dinner inside Movieland Park 

The minimum length of stay is 2 nights with 1 room at a time. We accept only one unique code online per booking.

Below are the amounts that can be discounted from the price proposed based on your Holiday Bonus:

  • Bonus from 500 €: maximum discount 400 €
  • Bonus from 300 €: maximum discount 240 €
  • Bonus from 150 €: maximum discount 120 €

For more complex bookings with more codes or more rooms contact by email

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